The Tapmaster® was designed originally for the dental industry where staff members must constantly wash their hands between patients. This necessitates the use of a device that allows hands to remain clean after washing.

Faucets are notoriously bad for collecting large quantities of germs as well as being a nearly ideal place for them to be passed on. When we wash our hands we must first activate a normal faucet with our hands which leaves bacteria on the handle, these are then transferred back when we close the faucet.

The advantages of hands free faucet control is hardly limited to the dental industry however; medical centers, public washrooms and commercial kitchens have also adopted the Tapmaster® in an effort to control hand contamination. Even in a residential setting washrooms and kitchens can benefit from hands free faucet control.

With the Tapmaster® the point of contact is elminated because you never have to touch the faucet. This means that when you wash your hands using the Tapmaster®, they remain clean.


From the beginning we were taught that to turn the water on we needed to use our hands to activate the faucet, so it seems strange for us to consider any other method of turning the water on. Usually when we need to turn the water on it is because our hands are dirty or we have something in them that needs filling or rinsing. With the Tapmaster®'s touchless operation you can activate your faucet without getting it dirty or setting down what you have in your hands. Never again will you have to get mud all over your kitchen faucet after a day in the garden. Nor will you ever have to attempt to awkwardly activate or shut off your faucet while working with raw meat.

People’s primary motivation for buying the Tapmaster® is a concern for hygiene or for water savings. However after they have installed their Tapmaster® and used it for a while, time and time again we are told that what they love most about it is the convenience it brings to working around the faucet.

In fact, many of our customers call us back after having installed their Tapmaster® to tell us how surprised they were at how much easier it made their lives. Some have even compared its convenience to their television remote. So go ahead, turn any ordinary faucet into a touchless faucet today, you will be glad you did!

Water Savings

Tapmaster® hands free solutions help to reduce water usage by making it easy to use your faucet in short bursts. By only activating the water when you need to, it is possible to significantly reduce water waste at the faucet. Our product does not restrict water flow to achieve water savings, it actually changes the way you use water from your faucet! 

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