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Tapmaster® hands free faucet solutions not only provide high levels of convenience, they are also environmentally friendly.
Unlike many technologies that limit water flow in an effort to reduce water use, Tapmaster® systems change the way a faucet is used resulting in natural water savings. Tapmaster® faucet controllers make it so easy to turn the faucet on and off it becomes natural to activate the water flow only when you need it. The result is that a faucet controlled by a Tapmaster® system is not left running for as long during tasks such as brushing your teeth and washing dishes.  Tapmaster® faucet controllers put you in direct control over how long your faucet is running for instead of relying on sensors and timers. This allows our technology to use less water under normal operation than most sensor based systems that rely on timers to deactivate water flow after a set amount of time.
Tapmaster® faucet control systems do not require any batteries, completely eliminating the ongoing energy footprint associated with manufacturing, transporting and disposal associated with batteries. The excellent reliability of the Tapmaster® system also ensures less material and energy is wasted on replacement parts.
Go Green

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